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I coached my 13-year-old’s 7th grade basketball recreation (“rec”) league team over the winter. We just wrapped up a shortened 6-game season running about 10 weeks.

Our grade and school fielded 3 boy's teams: 1 competitive and 2 rec. We were a rag-tag group the 10 of us. Despite having predominately good attitudes and working reasonably hard throughout the season, we finished 0–6.

Even losing all our games, I characterize the season as a wild success. Here’s what I learned:

Set expectations up front — define success

I must give credit where credit is due: Coaching Basketball for Dummies. My…

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Being curious always served me well. I was curious about how things worked, curious to explore the woods near where I grew up, curious about space and technology, and curious about how I could become my best self.

Curiosity can get a bit out of hand too. Currently, I’m curious about:

  • Becoming a better writer
  • DeFi and Ethereum decentralized applications (dApps)
  • Digital enablement for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Residential real estate
  • Cloud/DevOps/SRE process optimization for engineers
  • Optimizing my health
  • Realizing my best self

Sharing my Medium site with a friend recently, he commented, “…still no theme.” I think he included…

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Recently I stumbled across Daniel Scrivner’s podcast “Outliers” interviewing Dylan Taylor, CEO of Voyager Space Holdings. Within the first minutes, Dylan blurts out he first became interested in space watching Star Trek episodes with his dad at a young age. Me too!

I can remember watching Star Trek in the early 80s every day at 6 pm with my dad — especially during the summers. I credit my dad with fueling my curiosity with space but perhaps more importantly, science fiction.

As a junior in high school, my parents arranged for me to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. I…

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As my sons grow up, I’ve helped coach their various teams — never the head coach but assisting. COVID canceled my 13-year-old’s soccer season, so he flipped over to playing volleyball (I know, don’t ask — seems safer to me to be outside kicking a ball but whatever).

With more kids playing volleyball, they split the teams and the head coach needed some help. I volunteered.

My style of coaching is to focus on skill development and improvement. I like to guide and suggest. …

Use habits and consistency to improve your odds

We know immunocompromised (fancy word time-existing health challenge) people are more likely to contract COVID and other afflictions. We’re also learning a large majority of COVID deaths are due to something called comorbidity, or multiple health conditions in addition to COVID.

In short, if you’re already battling one challenge, it’s tough to fend off a second. Ask the British about Yorktown in 1781 or any number of other battles across two fronts. It typically doesn’t turn out well.

Only an idiot tries to fight a war on two fronts, and only a madman tries to fight one on three. …

Find alternatives to fuel your business now that industry conferences are dormant

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Talking with a friend of mine who’s very successful in the health and wellness care industry he bemoaned, “Since the pandemic hit, my sales are near-zero. There are just no industry conferences.” Previously, my friend sold most of his products through face-to-face networking and a booth at a conference. He might have the opportunity to present a session at the conference as well.

What should he do now?

First off, he has a great product. There are enough similar products to know there’s a market to support but…

Lessons to learn from some of the great business leaders of our time

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Recently, I enjoyed reading several biographies that gave me inspiration and ideas for how to process and proceed in our current economic and social environments. The three biographies describe how these leaders navigated dramatically difficult times. Their stories offer good clues on how we might approach and even thrive in our current times.

Alan Mulally

American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company had faltered for years. Car quality was abysmal, margins slim (often cars sold at a loss)…

A chance to reflect on career lessons I’ve learned from others

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In a normal, non-pandemic time, it’s customary in one’s company to meet with the summer interns for a discussion on their experience, your experiences, and how we might learn from one another. Instead of face-to-face, I enjoyed a Zoom call with around a dozen of my employers’ interns last week.

I enjoyed my coffee. They did not appear to be imbibing. Maybe Gen Z doesn’t drink coffee? I should have asked.

I wasn’t nervous and had done this sort of thing previously but I wanted it to be a good use of their time. These situations always spark my imagination…

Begin at the beginning

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Early in my career as a developer, I passed a lot of Microsoft development-related certifications. They demonstrated I at least took the time to study and learn the material. Maybe I was just decent at taking tests. Having them on my resume never hurt though and I did learn from the exercise.

Much of my career has been spent working for a Microsoft partner organization. My certifications benefited those organizations too — it helps with their partnership obligations. I hold (or held) a host of certifications as well.

I won’t argue the efficacy of certifications…

Let’s work together to bring it to all students

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In my previous article, I wrote of setting up fast Internet access at my home to support my and my wife’s work as well as online classes for my kids. It took a bit of doing but in all, not hard and very accessible to me.

I’m blessed to live in a neighborhood with several options for Internet access. I can also afford the costs. This is not the case for many households and situations throughout the U.S.

The WSJ recently published a story “Chicago Hopes Broadband Plan Could Help Other Cities Address Digital Divide” (paywall) describing the challenges of…

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